lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Support your Friends, Family, Fans, Neighbors this Xmas. Here's how.

I read this idea yesterday from a friend, Alvaro Juez Pelaez, on Facebook. I'm not sure it was his idea or somebody else's. However, it's an idea worth spreading...

This Xmas try to buy as many gifts as you can from your Friends, Family, Fans, Neighbors who are Entrepreneurs instead of buying from a large corporation.

You probably know friends who are artists and you can buy a painting or photograph or ask them to write a short story for your family if they are writers... Besides helping them, you will have a unique, creative and supportive Xmas gift to give. 

Or maybe your next door neighbor sells cosmetics, jewlery, arts & crafts, or food. Those can be great gifts as well. Or you have a manicurist who's struggling to get new business, give your girlfriends a "Gift certificate" from your manicurist.

The idea is that if everybody buys gifts within their communities more people will have a happy Xmas. It's as Simple as that!

Celebrate this idea by buying from the entrepreneurs around you and also by sharing this post with your friends. You can make a difference, DO IT!



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martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Trends that will drive innovation in the decade ahead

We are getting close to the end of the decade. During this decade we have seen more innovations than what we have seen during the entire S. 20. The world has changed significantly, however, the most important change we have experienced is the ‘pace of change’. We are living the fastest, most accelerated era during which significant changes take place every second.

Innovation will definitively be the most important competitive advantage of companies during the decade to come. Small companies will be challenged by open innovation initiatives of the largest; stricter regulatory frameworks in developed markets will challenge large companies. Becoming truly innovative organizations will be the challenge of top executives, who up to know have said that ‘innovation is a key pillar of their organizations’, yet in most businesses it is still not measured and rewarded. Everything that is important in a business it is measured. If innovation hasn’t been strategically directed and measured, it’s still not an important pillar to the business.

Insights are a key part of innovation. In this link happydecade you will find a presentation I created which has some key concepts that will need to be present in every aspect of a business to drive profits, as well as some trends on what’s next.

I hope you enjoy the presentation and, most importantly, I wish you a fantastic decade; a decade full of success in whatever way you personally understand it: love, life, work, money...


Happy Holidays!


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martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

A shower of inspiration and optimism

In my daily job, I work with many entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs from everywhere, from India, Italy, Spain, the UK, China, Argentina, Brazil and of course, from the US. 


I graduated from being an Entrepreneur myself and now I prefer to be an Independent professional who provides expert advice on what I know: how to become an innovative company and how to do the best possible marketing with the lowest possible budget. My two jobs involve creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, passion and love. And of course, methodology & knowledge. 


It is in marketing where I get to work with Entrepreneurs, and feed my restless spirit with their enthusiasm. Entrepreneurs are the optimistic challengers; those people that focus on the possible and will challenge the boring status-quo; those whose craving to create is stronger than the fear to fail.


Preparing a MarketingZero workshop I give through Skype to a group of 50-60 Entrepreneurs in Spain, I found this video and thought I should share it with everybody, because no matter who you are, where you are or what position you have in your company, if you follow me is because you have that little bug within you that’s always thinking how to jump out of the pond, how to finally get to do what you want.


I hope you enjoy the video as much as I have enjoyed it, and that your little bug today gets a shower of inspiration and optimism.

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